Wet Look Pleated SKirt

If you ever visit the Bay Area I strongly recommend that you plan a trip to visit my friends over at Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose, CA. I had the pleasure of meeting Chrystal and her fabulous body positive team. Everyone there is so welcoming that I felt accepted into the Curvy Girl family right away. 

This outfit was inspired by the wet look pleated skirt which triggered nostalgia from my Catholic school uniform days. If you ever feel like you need to spice up your style I recommend incorporating lingerie with your everyday pieces to create an edgier look. Life is always more fun when you can add a bit of kink to it.






Top: Target

Skirt: Curvy Girl Lingerie

Shoes: Unif

Socks: American Apparel

Backpack: Michael Kors




I can't believe it's already time to celebrate the arrival of 2016! One of my resolutions for the new year is to be more active on social media since I've been M.I.A. the last few months trying to heal my soul and get back to feeling like myself. Whenever I need to rid myself of bad juju I almost always end up with a new hairdo. This is my first time with a rainbow mane and I recommend that everyone try dying their hair with a rainbow accent at least once in their life. It's my most liberating "hairvolution" yet. ;-)

Those of you who are familiar with me know I'm fascinated by the occult which is why I'm currently obsessed with one of the hottest indie brands right now. Witch Worldwide is the love child of body positive model and mermaid bad ass Alyssa Thralls (@AlyssaPandaEyes). This edgy clothing company is refreshingly inclusive of a variety of body types across the spectrum ranging from sizes XS-6X. Witch bitches like myself who get off on matching black with even more black have been begging for more alternative fashion to hit the plus size community.

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Top: Ace of Pentacles Halter

Sunnies: Witch Symbol Sunglasses

Choker: Witch Choker 

Cardigan: Lauren Moshi

Skirt: Chubby Cartwheels



Source: witchworldwide

Goth Spice

Once in a while I get the urge to rock dark hair, but as I've learned through trial and error it's only a phase of wanting to change things up. I've spent too much time, money, and energy achieving my level of blonde. So, I opted for this black wig in the meantime to satisfy my yearning for the dark side. Every time I change my hair it seems to make my clothing feel like new. It wasn't long before I was buried in my closet putting together outfits to develop my new "Hairsona" (hair persona). 

I think I subconsciously chose this monochromatic witchery because I've been grieving a death and was unable to attend the funeral. Style has always been an outlet for me to express myself without having to speak a single word. 

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Hat: UNIF Relics Hat 

Lipstick: Unicorn Blood

Bag: Kill Star Baphomet Backpack

Shoes: Y.R.U Qozmo

Top: Velvet Crop Top

Skirt: Skater Skirt

Cardigan: Torrid

*Sunglasses are Thrifted



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